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Company Guidance

Micron is company that manufacturing and selling various resistos, heaters and special sensors. We meet customers' needs by our technologies and quality.

Greetings from President

代表取締役社長 杉本憲治

Micron is pursuing customers' satisfaction as a creation, solution company with our core technologies.

Micron was established in 1957, providing resistors, heaters & sensors for the fields of vehicle, FA and other industries. We are celibrating the 54th anniversary of establishment.

Facing the 100th anniversary of establishment, we are aiming at the creativity and differtiation of products as a competive parts manufacturer, to be a company that can contribute to the society.

Kenji SUGIMOTO / President

Introduction of Micron's administration policy, QA policy and employee's ideal way.


Introduction of the outline of Micron


Introduction the history from the establishment in 1957 to today.


Head office based in Yokohama, having 3 plants in Japan and one in China.


Micron meets your requirements by his technologies. Please contact us on 
      Tel: + 81 45542 3960 Fax: + 81 45 544 2197a

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